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全民彩票:Innovation leads the 20-year technology-driven road of Bosera Fund

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内容摘要: Technological innovation has improved traditional asset management and the entire financial system, achieving deep structural optimization....

Technological innovation has improved traditional asset management and the entire financial system, achieving deep structural optimization. In IT's leading business development, Boss apparently went earlier and further.

Since its inception, Bosera Fund has always regarded IT as an important part of the company's development, and has taken the lead in realizing the independent research and development capabilities of IT in the industry, and gradually formed the IT integration of IT and IT business. culture. In the process of moving toward a comprehensive, versatile asset management organization, IT has played an important role in the “technology-driven business innovation” within the Boss Fund.

0-1 lead in achieving self-developed IT

in from Peter Thiel "from 0-1: Commercial and open secrets of the future," the book, the author expressed his understanding for scientific and technological innovation, that is when business, we want to Create new things (from 0 to 1) instead of simply copying (from 1 to n). The typical case of the former is technological progress.

Looking back at the development of the IT business of Bosera Fund, it seems that it has also experienced a process from 0 to 1. According to Wang Deying, deputy general manager of Bosera Fund, when he first started to work for Boss Fund, the company has not yet established a computer department, and related businesses are in the office. In 1999, a total of four people were responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Boss Fund, and then began to build the computer department. Boss is the first fund company in the industry to establish an independent computer department. The computer department was established to develop its own software system.

In the early days, there were only closed-end funds in the market. At that time, the requirements for the fund company's IT independent research and development capabilities were not high. Since the release of the first open-end fund in the market in 2001, higher requirements have been placed on real-time trading analysis, daily valuation, information disclosure, and statistical statements. In 2001, in consideration of strengthening the company's investment management capabilities, Bosera Fund acquired the Beijing Quanfang Quantum “Mercury Portfolio Management System” and its intellectual property for technical support of fund research.

In fact, as early as 2000, Bosera Fund was ahead of the industry's earliest investment research data center. The investment decision support system (2002) developed on the basis of this is the earliest and most systematic investment research and portfolio in the fund industry. A comprehensive investment management platform for management, risk management and performance evaluation management fills the gap in the domestic fund industry. After 2002, with the diversification of fund types and the sales business, the Boss Fund IT business team developed a CRM system as a special support, and has been continuously upgraded and used until now.

From 2006 to 2007, under the rapid rise of China's stock market, the scale expansion of the fund showed explosive growth. Since then, with the changes in the market, the total asset management scale of Bosera Fund has surged 100 billion in a few months. Beyond the rapid expansion of the scale, Bosch’s IT system has also received some pressure.

"At that time, the load rate of the customer service system was very high, and the answer rate was only 20%-30%." Wang Deying said, "In 2007, the company's business developed rapidly. How to maintain the long-term demand of the IT department for the company's business needs to be solved urgently. Later we Ask IBM to do IT strategy consulting, trying to introduce advanced foreign research and development methods, according to the company's 3-5 years of future business development, from IT governance, IT resource allocation, IT management, as well as IT systems, IT underlying infrastructure In this context, in 2008, Boss Fund Management Accounting System and Unified Communication Platform came into being. In 2010, the world's leading enterprise data model was introduced. In 2011, the ESB Enterprise Service Bus was put into operation. In 2013, the Bosera Fund Operation Platform was completed and won the “Shenzhen Financial Innovation Excellence Award” in the same year.

IT technology is the traditional strength of Bosera Fund, and has won numerous awards in this field. In 2005-2008, it was selected as “Top 100 Chinese Business Technology” for four consecutive years, and “Mobile Informatization Excellent Application Award” in 2005. The first prize of Shenzhen Financial Innovation, the “Best Innovation Award” in the first science and technology award of the securities and futures industry in 2008, the “Shenzhen Financial Informationization Benchmarking Agency” in 2009, and the financial management platform of Shenzhen Fund in 2012. Excellence Award.

IT R\u0026D upgrade

Since the second half of 2013, Internet finance has rapidly developed in the public fund, and the fund industry has launched new explorations in the field of financial technology, which puts higher demands on Boss IT's independent research and development capabilities.

Boss Fund has pioneered the concept of “automatic valuation of robots”, which has automated the traditional fund accounting manual operation through the system, and the work efficiency has increased by more than 30%. In the context of the company's significant increase in the number of products, the company's business has been greatly supported by the background operation.

In recent years, the Boss Fund business has developed rapidly, and the total asset management scale has grown from less than 200 billion in 2014 to more than 700 billion today. As of now, Boss Fund has been on the Internet fund.

In order to improve the cooperation ability of Internet finance business and external institutions such as direct banking, Boss "new generation fund management integrated business access platform" was officially launched in 2016, and has successfully docked with nearly 50 direct banks, brokerages and other partners. The platform can provide a unified blog time interface, can also adapt to the channel interface, and can also be developed through plug-in development to support the implementation of customized scenarios, fund portfolio, balance wealth management business, non-monetary fund transaction , fund payment business, etc. Provide full support.

It is worth mentioning that in the past two years, Boss has cooperated with Microsoft to establish a unified research and development platform for DevOps, and has carried out a transformation of R\u0026D management based on agile and DevOps. DevOps focuses on the overall delivery capability and efficiency of the enterprise's IT. It is based on agile and further lean thinking. It also recognizes the differences in work patterns between R\u0026D, operation and maintenance, infrastructure, quality, etc., trying to help different teams find a way to Collaborative mode that works efficiently and fits your team. From agile to DevOps, Boss Fund has gradually deepened its R\u0026D transformation, building end-to-end collaboration capabilities from requirements to operation and maintenance, and deepening the efficiency and capabilities of corporate IT from a holistic perspective.

In 2018, Boss DevOps unified research and development platform and the new generation fund management integrated business access platform won the second prize and the excellent prize of the "6th Securities Futures Science and Technology Award" respectively. In this regard, Bo Hongyuan, general manager of the information technology department of Bosera Fund, said that the Bosch DevOps unified R\u0026D platform supports the development of next-generation systems such as the next-generation investment decision support system, Boss enterprise data platform and product lifecycle management system, and overcomes the scale of the system. The huge difficulties, complex business, new technology and limited resources investment have been successfully launched in the first quarter of 2018.

The new generation investment decision support system is the largest independent research and development project in the fund industry. It adopts new technology architecture and product design, covering the pre-investment mid- and back-office business, with powerful support functions of full assets, full process and globalization. The enterprise data platform adopts advanced data warehouse and big data technology to establish a data model suitable for the fund industry, fully integrate internal and external data, provide multi-level data services, and enhance the value of data and business drivers. The product lifecycle management system solves the long-term business pain point problem, guarantees the accuracy, completeness and consistency of product data, and promotes the sharing of data across systems and the inter-departmental collaboration of business.

With the successful transformation of the R\u0026D system and the landing of a new generation of systems, IT has realized a comprehensive upgrade from capabilities, technology, and systems. IT will become one of the engines of Boss to take off and become an important driving force for Bosch's innovation and development in the new era. .

The future continues to embrace technology finance

Under the wave of new technological revolution, information technology is more important to the development of the asset management industry than in the past. Bosera Fund has made breakthroughs in big data funds, Internet Monetary Fund and Internet gold products. Currently, Bosera Fund has established a financial technology center responsible for the company in mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and block. Business transformation of R\u0026D and research results in innovative technologies and projects such as chain, and vigorously promote projects such as smart investment research, smart investment, intelligent risk control and intelligent services.

For how IT is positioned, Wang Deying, vice president of Bosera Fund, replied, “Boss has three levels of IT business positioning: the first layer is the operational guarantee for the business, this is the basic function; the second layer is the business. The role of integration and optimization makes the front-end business quality better and more efficient; the third layer is that IT plays a leading role in the business, which is 90 points.” Wang Deying said that the second and third levels are Boss The goal.

In the view of Bosera Fund, technology is subverting and reshaping the financial industry. Technology has improved traditional asset management and the entire financial system with innovation, and achieved deep structural optimization. The application and innovation of technology has become one of the core competitions in the asset management industry. In the future, Bosera Fund will continue to embrace new technologies and continue to improve its asset management capabilities and service levels through scientific and technological means to better serve its holders and make due contributions to the advancement of the industry.





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